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Reporting Misconduct


We have contracted a third party reporting system: Red Flag Reporting. You can report concerns safely, securely and anonymously 24/7.

If you are uncomfortable with a situation, be proactive.

Red Flag Reporting is your hotline for:

  • Misconduct

  • Safety violations

  • Unethical behavior


To file a report, remember our Client Code is “LAIMPROV” and pick one of the following options:

You may also use the following (be sure to be detail oriented, provide our client code, and indicate if you wish to be anonymous or not):

This account is shared by: The Clubhouse, Improv-LA, WGIS, Shared Experience and WE Improv. Once you file a report -- these organizations will investigate promptly. You have the option to not include any of these organizations when you submit.

If A Report Is Filed


After a report is filed, and if it involves any of the schools directly, the committee will investigate. If that’s not appropriate, we’ll contract a third party to investigate. Investigation will include speaking to all sides of the issue, documenting what’s found and informing all parties of the decision in a timely manner.


Our primary goal will be to point out the problem and provide a clear path/guidelines for making needed changes. Depending on the severity of the issue, possible responses to reports of misconduct include: warnings, suspensions, bans for a limited time or permanently, and filing charges with the police.


We also knows that mistakes may be made without ill-intent and are opportunities to learn. Not everything is a bannable offense. Where communication can help, we will use that first. We do not believe in “good” versus “bad” people – it is behavior that needs to be identified and addressed.

Thank you!

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