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Improv-LA officially began in early 2010 as a place for actors, non-actors, and improvisers to come together to learn and strengthen their skills for everyday life. Founder Keith Saltojanes felt that there was no place in Los Angeles for someone to work on their personal skills and have a creative outlet, without paying thousands of dollars and working their way through a “factory.” Thus, Improv-LA is always very affordable and allows its student to explore and workout their creative muscles from the very first moment of class.

The workshop is designed to make the student feel confident onstage and off. Keith has taken the bare-essentials of all of his experience and training in improvisation and acting and designed a workshop that can be the most beneficial for everyone. Since then, we have taught thousands of students from all walks of life and all over the world. Now it’s your turn.

To learn more about our instructors, please visit the Teachers page.

Online Improv Class with Improv-LA
Improv class online with Improv-LA