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Online Improv Class with Improv-LA
Using The Game & Genre Style Improv 
In-Person Group Class Description

You learned two of the major styles of improv, now let's cover the rest.
This class will be 6-weeks in the study and practice of expanding your improv toolbox and implementing them into your everyday scenes. We'll cover the following:

  • The "Game of the Scene"

  • Heighteing and different Scenic Edits

  • World Building, Mapping, and Genres (not sure what those are, we'll show you!)

  • The other major improv scenes styles (New York, Canadian, and Asian style) and how to play them

  • Includes final performance at the end of the last class for friends and family

(Students must have completed Improv-LA Level 2 with teacher's approval to be eligible for this class)

Class Size: 14 students; everyone will get plenty of playtime and individual attention.

Length: Sessions are 3 hours, and meet for 6 weeks in-person at our studio.

Contact us to get on the preliminary list and get first dibs when the next session is announced!

The Clubhouse Theater
1607 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027
(FREE Parking Available)
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