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Live Improv-LA Shows

Want to see what we do or even get on stage yourself? Then here's the place for all that info! We have upcoming improv class showcases and open improv jams available for everyone.



- Sunday, 6/30 5p - IMPROV LEVEL 4 GRADUATION! 

- Sunday, 7/21 5p - IMPROV LEVEL 2 SHOWCASE 

- Sunday, 7/21 8:30p - TOAST! IMPROV JAM

- Sunday, 8/18 8:30p - TOAST! IMPROV JAM

- Saturday, 8/24 5p - IMPROV LEVEL 3 SHOWCASE 

- Sunday, 9/1 5p - IMPROV LEVEL 2 SHOWCASE 

Join us for TOAST, our monthly improv jam!  

A place for anyone to get on stage and just play

Practice your improv & meet fellow students in this

judgement-free, supportive playground
It's part workshop, part open long form improv jam!


Toast, a Jam

Every 3rd Sunday, 8:30pm
Hosted by Improv-LA Teachers

@ The Clubhouse Theater

Eligibility: For our jams, no experience needed. Just get on stage in a supportive environment, and participate some long form improv.

All are welcome!

Cost: $5 Min Donation for Toast, Improv Showcases are FREE!

(BONUS: Each student who registers for a 6-week class receives

Improv-LA's curated comedy resources including:

live show recordings, suggested readings, recommended live improv shows in town, and optional out-of-class assignments to enhance their overall learning experience outside of class.)

RSVP to join the show!

See you there!

Show Location:
The Clubhouse Theater
1607 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027

(FREE Parking Available)
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