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The Game & Genre in Improv
Online Group Class Description

You learned two of the major styles of improv, now let's cover the rest.
This class will be 4-weeks in the study and practice of expanding your improv toolbox and implementing them into your everyday scenes. We'll cover the following:

  • The "Game of the Scene"

  • Heighteing and different Scenic Edits

  • World Building, Mapping, and Genres (not sure what those are, we'll show you!)

  • The other major improv scenes styles (New York, Canadian, and Asian style) and how to play them

  • Includes final performance at the end of the last class for friends and family


Students must have completed Improv-LA Level 2 to be eligible for this class.

Class Size: 10 students; everyone will get plenty of playtime and individual attention.

Length: Sessions are 2 hours, and meet for 4 weeks online over Zoom.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Online via Zoom
All students will require a free Zoom account, strong internet connection, webcam and mic (built-in is just fine!)
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