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Improv for Commercials 

Online Group Class Description

Improv is the number one thing asked for when auditioning for commercials and looking for representation.  But when commercials say "improv" they aren't looking for the kind you learn in improv or acting classes.  That's why this four-week course will directly teach you the skills and secrets of how to use improv to start making money by booking commercials.*


Throughout the class we’ll cover: 

  • How to use improv to showcase your own personality

  • Working on different types of commercials (spokesperson, two-person, solo spots, etc.)

  • Using improv to make the script/copy your own

  • How tone can inspire your improv within the spot

  • Audition prepping under a tight deadline

  • Using improv skills when the commercial only uses physicality and no dialogue

  • How to do self tapes when you don’t have time to find a reader

Class will include weekly mock auditions - these days 95% of all auditions are virtual,

so get comfortable in that setting here before it really counts!


No prior improv or acting training necessary.

Class Size: 10 students; everyone will get plenty of individual attention.

Length: Sessions run 2 hours each, and meet for 4 weeks over Zoom.

(* NOTE: This is not a class on how to do improv scenes, perform improv for stage, or learn improv for life skills- this is specifically how to use improv to get cast in commercials. For those other skills, see our Level 1 Improv classes)

Online via Zoom
All students will require a free Zoom account, strong internet connection, webcam, and mic (built-in is just fine!)

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