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There are more improv classes available everywhere than ever before, so how can you be certain taking classes here is the right choice?

Most improv schools focus on getting students to pay to go through as many levels or classes as possible with an end goal of being performers. You end up having to be in competition with your classmates to fight over spots in the final group, and when you don't make it, it feels awful. We went through the same thing when we were first learning too.

At Improv-LA the focus is different. From class #1, our goal is for you to reach your goals for signing up for an improv class in the first place. The classes work around the students in them. Want to be better at public speaking, or get outside of your comfort zone and gain confidence, think quicker, and become funnier? Or gain some advantages at work or undeniably useful skills when auditioning? Want to perform improv, well you can do that too in the higher levels if that's what you're after too. Whatever your goal - we'll get you there.


The classes are all about the students- not competition, not egos, or the feeling of "not being good enough." We're a supportive place where you will come out the other side having accomplished what you want. If this feels aligned to you, then we're happy you found us, and can't wait to start working with you!


Corporate Improv Class for business


Improvisation has become one of the entertainment industry’s and workplace’s most asked-for skill. You can see actors who got their start in improvisation in today’s most popular movies, television shows, and national commercials and leaders of business with heavy improv training in their background.

The parallels between improv theater and communication in our lives is tremendous. A good improviser, is a great actor, but a good actor doesn’t always mean you are a great improviser. Being able to think quickly on your feet, stay in the moment, and roll with any sudden changes makes any person both a better performer and more adept in social interactions.

Here’s the best part; you can learn it too! If you ever thought about starting an improv class, then look no further! Improv-LA is a place for actors and non-actors alike to learn and strengthen their skills as beginners or even if you have some experience!

The courses are designed to make the student feel supportive, included, and confident onstage and off. We take the bare-essentials of all of our experience and training in improvisation, acting, writing, and beyond and designed a workshop that can be the most beneficial for everyone. Our goal isn't about competing with your fellow classmate, but having a supportive and safe space to learn from. We've taught thousands of students, from all walks of life and all over the globe. Now it’s your turn.


    " I got outside of the comfort zone and enjoyed every minute of it! I'm a strategy kind of person in my day-to-day, so learning improv has been super refreshing in keeping me present. "

          " They presented improv as a tool that anyone can use to become a better listener, more mindful, and more confident in their abilities to  handle any situation. Also, it was just fun! It's like playtime for grownups. "

      " As someone who's worked in the industry for almost eighteen years, this class taught me many things I didn't know but needed to get to the next level of my career. "

" A phenomenal resource for professionals of every type. "

— Bryan, Walt Disney Company

— Lara, Netflix

— Kim, Revlon

— Rob, Forbes Magazine

"Best Improv Class" - Forbes

Featured in Forbes Magazine

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