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Improv Online LA


Instructor (Levels 1-3 & Corporate)

Sean Will has performed improv for over 12 years, with combined experience at UCB, The Groundlings, M.i. Westside Comedy Theater, and iO West. He has also been a member of various comedy groups throughout

Los Angeles, for example: 808 Hip Hop Improv, Mixed Signals, Lemon Pepper Wet, Top Story! Weekly, Garden Party, and more. Sean's been involved in writing and performing in various festivals including: The UCB Diversity Program Show, The Groundlings Diversity Festival, Second City Diversity in Comedy Festival,

OC Improv Festival, and the Phoenix Improv Festival.


He performs on the M.i. Westside House team Sidehug, as well as comedy shows like Tournament of Nerds, Lemon Pepper Wet Improv, 808 Hip Hop Improv, and various solo shows. Sean is excited to be a part of Improv-LA and helping to cultivate new and diverse voices within the comedy spectrum!

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