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Online Improv Class with Improv-LA



Make your Improv Interesting (& Easier)

with Environment:

In-Person Group Class Description

This class is only available this one time and maybe never again, and at a HUGE discount from regular classes. Don't wait to join!

Everything takes place somewhere, but the Environment is usually the first thing to be missed in improv. In this workshop we'll take a deep dive in how to use the space, your body, and imagination to create and use intricate and dynamic locations to add a ton to your scenes. When you're in a good space, you don't even need to think of what to say or do, you can just be!

This class will be very interactive and everyone will be on stage during most of the class.

Eligibility: Student must have completed at least Level 1 improv to join. This is not a beginner's class.

Length: Session is 3 hours, and meets for 1 day in Los Angeles.

For the safety of fellow-classmates and our instructors , all in-person classes require students to show proof of vaccination and masks to be worn when not on-stage. No exceptions and no refunds will be offered if you do not meet these guidelines. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


The Clubhouse Theater                       
1607 N. Vermont Ave.                           
Los Angeles, California 90027               

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