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Instructor (Character Creation)

Elisabeth is an actor, comedian and clown, and has studied extensively with legendary clown and theatre tormentor Philippe Gaulier in Paris, as well as Cirque veteran John Gilkey, Paola Coletto, Daniel Passer, and Aitor Basuri of Spymonkey. Currently she’s devising an original show with the esteemed Four Clowns company for the Fringe circuit. It’s through her study of clown that she discovered her sense of humor, however dark the situation. She’s studied at UCB and iO West and performed improv in LA and NY, including a two-person show with Improv-LA founder Keith Saltojanes, and devises solo character and clown numbers regularly.
Her philosophy is, if it scares you, it’s calling to you. Unless it’s a lion or tiger.
Then you should probably just run.
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