Level 2: Intermediate Long Form

Intermediate Long Form and Formal Application

• Sundays 3pm-6pm (starts June 9th, 2019) 5 spost left




So you’ve learned how to start scenes from nothing, be comfortable on stage and how to perform a simple piece. Now what? This class will be six-weeks in the study and practice of more
intermediate improv comedy techniques that will cover the following:

  • Creating original, creative characters that stretch beyond the ones you currently play
  • Learn Short Form improv games, and the benefits of them in Long Form
  • Using different editing techniques to enrich your scenes
  • The different improv scene types that exist, and how to recognize and play each of them
  • Generating ideas, and how to successfully initiate with them
  • Learn a more intermediate long form structure and opening
  • Play fearlessly, supportive, and with complete freedom in every scene

To be eligible for this class, you must have completed Level 1 and have teacher’s approval or have the

equivalent at another improv school (just let us know your experience). In addition, the course will culminate

in a graduation show that will put to use all of the skills and tools learned during the session.

Class Size: 14 Students

Classes are 3 hours, and meet for 6 weeks including a graduation showcase on the final day.
and take place at The Clubhouse Theatre in Los Angeles.

Registration is ongoing, so sign-up to join us for the next class!

(Classes sell-out in advance)

The Clubhouse Theater
1607 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027
(FREE parking for students!)